RedBubble account deleted
Have you also been banned from the RedBubble t-shirt site? You’re not alone.

As of March 2016, most of our t-shirt inventory that was hosted on RedBubble, which is an online t-shirt printer, was deleted immediately by the company. RedBubble is having a hard time telling Albany Retro as to why the account was closed and deleted after being a RedBubble partner for many years–we received the standard e-mail saying that we “deliberate misuse of RedBubble.”


Read more about our “Suspension” from RedBubble:

Most of the t-shirt designs you see on here were our designs being printed on RedBubble t-shirts and hoodies. Seemingly, both RedBubble and Albany Retro had a pretty decent relationship–until March 2016. Albany Retro made quite a bit of money for RedBubble, and, honestly, it was good money for us.

A few times in our history with RedBubble, we were politely notified that we were infringing on copyright. No other t-shirt retailer online had said a word to Albany Retro about similar design–and we are on many. We were asked by RB to remove the offending images (which were always text-based and based on current sayings on the market, not direct copies of any other works, especially copyright material like “Disney,” etc.). We often found that we were asked to remove certain designs, but, others were allowed to keep up the EXACT SAME DESIGNS. This went on for month after month, until in March of 2016, we noticed we could no longer log into the RedBubble site. No email saying that our account was closed. No correspondence whatsoever. Now, in the past, Albany Retro was asked to comb our t-shirt library and remove any possible other offending artwork (but, RedBubble never saying exactly what was offending). So, as the sheep we were at the time, we went through our thousands of designs and removed huge batches of potential (!) offending artwork. In the last months of our time on RedBubble, we were down to a complete catalog of “Badass” t-shirts. Apparently, RedBubble seems to be offended by the word “badass.” Or probably not. We really have no idea, since they WILL NOT TELL US WHAT WE DID WRONG.

RedBubble is a very, very arrogant company as I found out by doing a little more research. A simple Google search brought up quite a trove of other RedBubble “artists” who have also been ostracized from the Redbubble website, seemingly for no real good reason. A few choice links I found:

So, in closing, please contact us if you are attempting to purchase a t-shirt that was hosted at this horrible RedBubble site. We will gladly recreate the t-shirt for you and post it for sale on a more professional t-shirt printing site. Shame on you, RedBubble.